Delusion of Change

To succeed in business (and life), there is one thing that’s constant:  CHANGE…This isn’t a rah-rah motivational blog about getting you moving, its simply about a “Constant Variable” (you like

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Value Proposition

Some would say I expect too much out of what I read, watch, or listen to because I expect VALUE. This stems from how much I value my time and

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2018 Tax Reform

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors being employed by both sides of the aisle when it comes to the recently passed tax plan. Some would have you believe

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2018 Perspective

While I can spend time predicting market trends and changes for 2018 in what is The Bennett Blog’s 1st Edition of a New Year, I think it’s worthwhile to put

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The Bennett Blog Begins…

Welcome to the Bennett Blog… This is why you should listen…. I formed Bennett Realty just over a year ago after spending the past 12+ years slugging through the commercial

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