October 18th, 2017

The “Consolidation Affect”

The “Consolidation Affect” Perhaps consolidation is something not discussed as much as it should be, or it is just something

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August 24th, 2017


SEARS IS A “GOOD” THING! How many times have we heard of a Kmart or Sears store closing, potentially closing,

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July 26th, 2017

Are you thinking differently? If not, you’ll get left behind..

While most of my focus is in the retail sector of commercial real estate, I also develop mixed use apartment

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July 12th, 2017

Really, Retail is Dead??

As a developer and a broker, I am always looking to stay ahead of the curve and understand market conditions

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June 28th, 2017

Where is the “New” news in Retail?

For all those people who lived under a rock the last 2 months, the overwhelming amount of news coming from

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June 14th, 2017

The Bennett Blog Begins…

Welcome to the Bennett Blog… This is why you should listen…. I formed Bennett Realty just over a year ago

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