Don’t do NEUTRAL in 2019–Do DRIVE!

Neutral is a threat to your growth, a hinderance to your success, and an unsatisfactory place that will bring you no abundance or happiness.  Seems strong?  It’s true.

There are times we all feel like we’re in neutral, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it happens to me.  The question is what should you do to get out of that place and how do you continue to stay in DRIVE.  The later question being the harder one for me at least.  Drive is the medicine to mediocrity, the oil to the vinegar, and the….well you get it. Its how you combat neutral, otherwise another word for ORDINARY. 

As many entrepreneurs I’ve pretty much always been aspirational in business and many of you may feel the same way, but the question is how you maintain that level, or staying in DRIVE in BOTH business and personal life.  This is an “unlock” and ultimately, when figured out, brings abundance to your life.  Often the most overlooked idea is that you should somehow be in DRIVE during “work hours” and then turn it off during the weekend.  That’s BS!  Let me give you an example; you work your ass off all week on a deal to complete exhaustion, go in early and leave late.  You get it done.  Now you go home to your family on the weekend and your wife wants to have a date night but that same exhaustion that you overcame during the week you succumb to and ask for a pass or the patience you exercised on that deal during the week is now gone when dealing with your children.  That’s called DRIVE to PARK, it may be worse than neutral! 

Staying in DRIVE is heavily about experiencing new things. In 2018 I indevoured do that. Completed a life coaching program called ‘Build Your Life Resume’ by Jesse Itzler, went on a spontaneous last-minute trip with my wife, completed a Tough Mudder race (with my wife), and had 2 new members join the Company among a few.  I name these to give you real-life examples of what I mean.

The point is this; how can you possibly achieve more or get better without trying new experiences.  Itzler says, The more you experience, the more you have to give.

Wait until you see what 2019 will bring for staying in DRIVE!

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