Value Proposition

Some would say I expect too much out of what I read, watch, or listen to because I expect VALUE. This stems from how much I value my time and time in general. It is the most valuable commodity in mankind. We all have it, want more of it, and hope it never runs out but it does for everyone. Obviously, there are exceptions to always wanting VALUE such as a funny movie, which I haven’t watched in 5 years…. Warren Bufffet said “Price is what you pay for something, value is what you get out of something” ….I couldn’t agree more with the “Oracle from Omaha”…Now to be clear the “giver” of the value is as much responsible as the “receiver” extracting the value. What do I mean by that?

My whole business has been based on providing more, greater, and unmatched value to every transaction/situation. In this instance I am the giver of the value and have chosen to provide such value. I have created value for Tenants, Landlords, Sellers, and my partners. I am truly critical of my own self-responsibility to provide this value…that’s because I KNOW if I do not provide value than I have not met my responsibilities.

For the receiver, things aren’t as clear but they’re way more exciting. People try to monetize the value of something all the time. But sometimes the value you receive from something is impossible to quantify. The best part of value is it is LIMITLESS in terms of how much and how long it can last. If you went to a Tony Robins event in the 90’s and apply something you have taken from him to the success of your business that’s nearly 25 years of value being used over and over again.

In an era when every person believes they are an expert entrepreneur, motivational speaker, or master vlogger there is A LOT of substance out there to sift through but if processed the right way, there is more value than ever before right at your fingertips…

My commitment is to always try to provide value. That doesn’t mean I’m trying to change the world one conversation at a time but it DOES push you to fulfill more and give more in business and your life and has proven to attract more opportunities. From the other side, I ALWAYS try to spend time on things I think will provide me value, even in challenging deal-making circumstances or on deals that fall apart, what you learn from those experiences is the VALUE proposition.

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