Bayonne: A City of Happenings

Recently I had a great conversation with Mayor Jimmy Davis of Bayonne. He and his administration have done some incredible things in helping the growth and renaissance for his city. By any measurement, The Peninsula City, as its called, is going through a BOOM… now here is why…

Positioned between Staten Island & Jersey City, with four light rail stops within the city limits, Bayonne is geographically second-to-none for commuters and the like. The Mayor is a big supporter and is actively working with the Port Authority to add ferry service from the former Military Ocean Terminal base to lower Manhattan, a move that would surely drive the high-paying Wall Street commuter to pay closer attention to Bayonne. These community amenities increase desirability and, combined with lower housing costs than those found in Jersey City and Brooklyn, the arrival of many thousand new units will attract new residents to the city. According to the Mayor, by July 2018 Bayonne will have over 1,100 residential units and a new Costco under construction.

When I asked Mayor Davis what is different between his city and others that have boomed on the Gold Coast, he said that the millennials moving to Bayonne and renting a new apartment and “trading up” as their life events advance, into single-family homes. His administration’s progressive outlook on the city and hands-on approach to spur growth epitomizes how public officials can create growth. The mayor concluded the conversation with a personal invitation to city hall for a tour of Bayonne. I gladly accepted and look forward to it.

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