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I formed Bennett Realty just over a year ago after spending the past 12+ years slugging through the commercial real estate industry, including working at small and big companies as a broker, starting a brokerage company with partners most recently, and developing properties during this time. While I achieved much success, I wasn’t happy. Not only did I no longer want to be in an operating partnership, I wanted a platform where I can do both brokerage and development in a boutique setting with a hands-on-approach, a model not commonly seen and perhaps doing the complete opposite of what is perceived as the “norm”….for these same reasons, we are launching the Bennett Blog.

I am not a big “poster” on social media and I don’t provide minute by minute updates of what I am doing throughout the day on Facebook or LinkedIn like the rest of the world but I have accepted that it is a big part of how people communicate and ultimately arrive at decisions about many things. The scary thing is that most of the things that are posted are not only baseless with bottomless thoughts, they are irrelevant to what I want to read so I’m here to express some thoughts about the real estate industry from a brokerage and development perspective with the main purpose to challenge the norm and candidly expose many of these inaccurate posting or news stories. If you would have asked me just a couple months ago if I would ever write a blog I would have laughed and said “who has time for that?”….but, I’m tired of reading about topics by “experts” who have not spent a day in the trenches of this business like I have. They haven’t seen the bottom and clawed their way up or become self-made in an industry that is perhaps the last frontier in the white-collar side of business. My intention for this blog to challenge much of what people say about the commercial real estate industry, get some things off my chest, and, as my SEO guy tells me, perhaps get my company greater exposure on the web…Being Normal Sucks!

Hope you enjoy this

Tyler Bennett
Bennett Realty Group, LLC

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