2018 Perspective

While I can spend time predicting market trends and changes for 2018 in what is The Bennett Blog’s 1st Edition of a New Year, I think it’s worthwhile to put things in Perspective….one of my favorite words and a practice I live by. If you read our Bennett Blog you know these blogs have lacked some personal content from who is actually writing them, me. And there has been a void in the “Story.” Well here is my massively condensed story…

Entrepreneurship has been engrained in my DNA from the start. My mother was, and still is, a residential realtor and my father the owner of a nursery and landscaping company. Both were self-made. There was never any doubt, if you wanted something growing up in our house, you worked for it, PERIOD. Especially when you have two older brothers like I did! You didn’t complain or look for blame, you worked harder. The point is, you control your own destiny. When my brothers and I turned 14 we were given a shovel and sent to work digging ditches with our Father so that we could save up enough money over the summers to buy each of our first cars…that was the rule in our house, you buy your first car, period. I remember playing in my high school basketball summer league and showing up to the games with dirt under my fingernails from working for my father all day.

Having played sports my whole life and excelled in basketball, I played at Albright College in Reading, PA. This was my first experience to realizing there was way more to life than sports. After my freshman year, I transferred to Montclair State University and had to redshirt my Sophomore year. To fill the void from not playing basketball, I started a mobile detailing business and that was the end of my NBA aspirations. We detailed high end cars and boats in the summers, but it ultimately turned in to a full-time business and my first serious endeavor working for myself. I had my appointment calendar, would display my business cards all over my town, created pricing brochures, and hustled non-stop. By my senior year I was packing a full semester in to 2 days a week of classes so that I could run my business the other 5 days and commute from home to be closer to my customer base. For a 20-year-old, I was making money. Then I graduated, and reality hit me. After stumbling to find my way and working full time for a international metal company, I took the leap and went into real estate full time. Starting at a local commercial real estate company, taking every meeting, listing, or opportunity that I could to get my name out there. I remember saying to my broker, the harder it gets, the more I want to succeed. I made $30,000 in the first 2 years and even living with your parents that is NOT a lot of money.

I started Bennett Realty with one main purpose in mind; no more partners, no more distractions, and no more unnecessary BS. I want to go full tilt! Having a fully integrated brokerage and development platform, an approach that is not commonly seen, has left no dull moment and has been the most exciting time of my career.

After less than 2 years, we have continued our successful record of accomplishment of growth for our existing clients, secured new ones, and signed multiple development deals that are expected to start construction in 2018. During that growth, we launched a major social media campaign and plan to raise that effort to new heights in 2018. We won’t stop being uncomfortable…. part of the reason I wrote this!

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