This topic is so critical to success and fulfillment in life. Every Monday, I have a call with a friend, mentor and highly successful entrepreneur. This week we discussed RE-framing and the power behind this practice. It was powerful and informative. Later that same night as I sat down to read some of the last pages of; “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll, coincidentally in the first sentence the word RE framing was present. Two HIGHLY successful people talking about the same thing…I needed to write about this!

RE-framing is changing your mindset, perspective and how you look at things and yourself. It can be done on the spot or applied to long term planning or BOTH. This past week, we saw the tragic loss of one of the greatest basketball players of all time and 8 other people including young children. With such a tragic loss, it may be hard to consider how to re-frame this. I’m not suggesting there is any good in this event. Simply that in the wake of such heartbreak, we can try to re-frame our minds to be THANKFUL for every moment we have with our loved ones and all we have.

RE-framing is the conscious effort of changing one feeling to another. Turing a negative to a positive or a low to a high, or fear to confidence. Like anything in life that is beneficial, it is not easy and will take ongoing effort. I practice this EVERY DAY, probably 20 times a day. You may be surprised that you do too but perhaps you have not recognized your effort behind it or understood the power of this if channeled properly.

In business and life, our minds drift all the time, and usually the “fight or flight” mentality takes over. During that drift, often we worry, or fear what could be. “What if I mess this up”, “What if no one likes this”, etc. Maybe the day you have a big presentation at work that you have worked hard to prepare for, you say to yourself; “I hope I don’t mess this up”. That’s the “MOMENT”. The moment when you must consciously recognize your thoughts and RE-frame the thought to “I’m so excited to make this presentation, I know I will do great”.

For me, I practice re-framing every day, but I also use it for the BIG picture in life. When I hit a ‘snag’ on a real estate transaction, instead of thinking “How did this happen”, “This is going to destroy the deal”, I RE-frame my mind to think, “This is only an obstacle in a puzzle that I WILL solve”. I do not allow my thoughts to drift to a non-beneficial state that only create self-doubt. In life, as I continue to endeavor to become a better person, father, husband, entrepreneur, etc. when I get a sense of fear or concern, I FLIP that feeling to RE-frame it and say to myself “Look what I get to do, how great is this”, and turn the “fear” to “thankfulness”.

Like much of what the #BennettBlog encapsulates, this is practice I utilize in my everyday life and have found it to be extraordinarily beneficial. TRY IT!

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