Who are you?  No really, who?  And perhaps more important, who do you want to be?

A question most don’t ask themselves but one that I ask myself often, not that I doubt myself but because I want to be self-aware and stay calibrated.  Authenticity is one of the anchors of your existence. Its why I am where I am, controlling my own destiny with an entrepreneurial spirit at my own Company.  I couldn’t be authentic in any other circumstances, but I came to learn that the hard way.

If you are reading this, stop, take 20 seconds and look deep upon yourself and ask, is this really me?  Am I being truly who I say I am, am I acting honestly?…you know the answer, you know the truth, you feel the truth.  You may get 100% to believe but you can’t fool yourself.

What leads to being unauthentic you may wonder?, I think its lack of confidence.  People fear being who they are because of what people may think or how society will judge them, or because its not consistent with what they’ve been told in college or school.  Self-admittingly, there was a time in my career I was NOT being authentic. Things were harder, deals didn’t happen as much, opportunities withered. I wasn’t keeping it real, so the world wasn’t keeping it real with me and I paid a price…and mostly I wasn’t HAPPY.

Don’t consume yourself by others potential thoughts, the only judge that matters is yourself and your family.  I write this with the hope that this affects 1 person in a positive manner. Keep it real and be AUTHENTIC!

“Authenticity is proven by actions, not thoughts or material things”~ T.B.


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