Press Release: CEO completes 4x4x48 (x20) Endurance Challenge to bring awareness to the Liv Like A Unicorn foundation.

We would like to take this time to congratulate Tyler Bennett, CEO of Bennett Realty & Development (BRD) on his latest personal endeavor, the 4x4x48 (x20) Endurance Challenge which he completed last week.

He participated in this endurance challenge to help bring awareness to pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors and help raise money for the “Liv Like A Unicorn” charity which was created to provide assistance to families with children dealing with these issues. We at BRD are proud of his personal accomplishments in the endurance arena as well as promoting charities. We know how hard he works to make sure everything he commits to is a success.

We also know that he likes to push his routine thus adding a 20 lb weighted vest to 9 of his 12 runs. He’s a “Yes You Can” individual and we are inspired by him. Great Job, Tyler! For those who haven’t donated to the Liv Like A Unicorn, It’s never too late. Go to and donate as much as you can. They represent a great cause.

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