How Running a 100-Mile Ultra Marathon Changed EVERYTHING! – (Part III) – The “WHY”

If you have read Part I and Part II of this series, perhaps you wondered; WHY? Why I chose to run in a 100-mile ultra-endurance race may seem hard for some to believe. What if I told you that you can do something for very little money and earn a lifetime reward. Perhaps the biggest “WHY” is because I want to live ALL-OUT, set a good example for my kids, and experience things that alter me forever. If you want to have the best business, product, or company out there and you are the one behind the wheel or in charge, how can you be your best or offer the best if you haven’t been your best? Many people, particularly in the real estate business, count their closed deals, total revenue, number of posts, income, and the link as a measurement of their success. For me, that is simply a by-product of who we each are. I believe that life and business are the same, one circular being for each of us. You are not a good producer or CEO in the office but an average Dad and if you are, then you are not successful or complete. This experience was part of my never-ending journey to continue to experience new things, challenge myself, and see how far I can go and grow. I believe life experiences improve every facet of your personal and business life and ultimately the lives of those around you.

For some, it may be hard to answer the “WHY” when this includes putting your mind and body through a lot of pain and hardship. Physical-pain that is deeper than you even though may exist. And a mental challenge that is beyond what I have ever done.

When my Pacer said at mile 90, “I am envious of where you are right now”, he knew that to get to that moment took an immense effort and the short-term pain was simply “paying the toll” for what was on the other side, an accomplishment that is seared in me forever.

Another big part of my why was simply curiosity. Could my body and mind withstand the brutal training and ultimately the race itself.
What if I never tried? Should I try? I first heard of such a 100-mile race was when my brother did the Leadville 100, a grueling 100-mile race in Colorado. From that point, that curiosity turned to interest and ultimately action. As I look back at a lot of things in my life, the same course occurred. Could I buy and develop commercial real estate?

Could I create a platform in this business that no one else has? Could I have a team of genuinely good people that also produce? I want my kids’ curiosity to run wild and so should mine. Curiosity turned to action is a dynamic part of personal growth.

Perhaps my most important WHY; setting an example for my children. I will forever use this experience to teach them what it means to commit to a goal with unwavering dedication, believe in yourself, and be thankful along the way. TO try a thing that normal people say is impossible and to NEVER doubt yourself in your goals and ambitions. It may be 20 years from now, but they will know, with me as living proof, that this formula is repeatable

Ultimately the WHY is different for everyone, every runner that day. As I met others on race day and learned of their why I realized that no one’s WHY is better than anyone else’s. All could be different but what commonality every racer had was their awareness of their WHY. Explicitly thought out and purposely determined. Maybe we should spend more of our thinking on deliberate tasks that had the backing of WHY instead of just doing things. You can share your why or keep it to yourself, it really does not matter.

Just that you are aware of it. A huge part of any successful action is this.

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