How I am dealing with The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Over the past several weeks my family, company, and everyone I know in this world has been rocked by an unforeseen uppercut known as COVID-19.

This dangerous virus is an invisible enemy that has waged an unprecedented attack on us (humans). As I am writing this, our world is continuing to evolve in a situation that remains fluid. In response to this situation, Bennett Realty & Development’s staff is working remotely, fully capable of continuing all necessary duties but heeding the words of the experts. We remain steadfast while weathering this storm. Just recently, I posted a video on my Instagram stories that I believe encapsulates where we currently are in this situation. I was running adjacent to a brook “upstream” or against the natural flow of the water. Once I hit a certain point at the end of the trail, I would turn around and run back, or “downstream”. While statistics, the media, and all the experts are not necessarily saying we are at that “turning point”, you should believe we will get there. In this exact moment, with so much unknown there is only one way of dealing with this; POSITIVITY.

I know what you’re thinking; this isn’t the time to think “everything is going to be alright” of which I would respond to; what other choice do we have? You see, in adversity, there are two choices. Allow the circumstances to overrun you with fear and anxiety or prevent any negative thought from entering your mind and believe with every fiber in your body that we will get through this. Stay in the moment, be thankful for what you have and STAY POSITIVE.

In my experience, every challenging time or circumstance creates a ‘sling-shot’ on the other side. When I push my body and mind in harsh physical training or work tirelessly on a deal that seems impossible, there is a “cross-over”, a spot where the pain and suffering go away to acceptance and almost increased optimism because I know it won’t last forever. I remain POSITIVE.

As we all have increased time in close quarters with our families, this alone is the silver lining. While I have been working through these times, things have slowed down dramatically allowing me to have more time with my children and wife. Feeling like simple times, this is the perfect time to ideate, exercises, and partake with family activities. On the other side of this, I think we will all realize that the words “social distancing” can also mean “FAMILY GATHERING”.

Be safe and healthy at-this-time but REMAIN POSITIVE!

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