No Plan? No Bueno!

2018 was a tremendous year for our company.  We grew in many different ways and I want to thank our team, clients, family, and friends for the continued support.  It’s important to give thanks, and not just on Thanksgiving.  There is absolutely no way we would have had such a year without a PLAN.  A plan as in what you want to achieve AND how you plan to do it.  When I say a PLAN, I’m not talking about some elaborate thesis for your masters from NYU Stern for running a real estate company.  I’m talking about a real-life applicable PLAN that you really believe in.

You see, your mind can be convinced that because you spent time thinking of a plan, wrote the plan, and maybe even had someone review it, that “you’re good”, but the reality of it is, the plan is garbage and doesn’t mean sh$t if you’re not realistic AND disciplined.

I try to keep mine simple.  Every year I write down 3 or 4 objectives (not goals) and keep the paper in my top desk drawer, easy to find.  It’s nothing fancy at all, just something recognizable for me.  I reference it throughout the year, which I believe is the “secret sauce”.  At the end of the year I look at what I set out to accomplish and what was actually accomplished.  Inevitably, as things change throughout the year, there is usually one thing on the list that didn’t happen, but usually for good reason.  To keep it real, last year’s list had “hiring a junior broker” and ultimately, we didn’t do that.  For good reason as we brought on 2 seasoned professionals and another staff member plus 2 interns.  It didn’t happen because it wasn’t necessary.  That’s just the flow of business.  The other 3 objectives were “crossed off”—break ground on our next development deal, bring in experienced talent, and grow our social media platform (started the #BennettBlog and #OurWay vlog).

The pursuit of your plan must be nothing short of relentless, disciplined, and laser focused.  When you create your plan, you MUST truly believe in it or it is worthless.  You need to see the end in you head as you are writing down you plan. Imagine part of your PLAN is to move your office to a larger space.  As you include this in your PLAN you should see the color of the carpet, the feel of opening that new door, and the moral boost you are expecting from doing it.  See and feel the end.  This will undoubtedly increase the probability of achieving your PLAN.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a 10-page plan of attack, you are not being graded and no one is judging you.  Make it work for you.  Start with Step 1, write the PLAN!  Then proceed with Step 2, which is referring to your plan throughout the year.  Every 30 days (12 times a year), I review the plan and I allow myself to make changes, delete some of the objectives and maybe even add a new one.  FLUID DISCIPLINE is what I would call it.  Now go write a PLAN!

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