YEAR REWIND– Reflect don’t Regret

I am not big on believing that long term changes occur simply because the year changed. But I do believe that reflection is an essential practice in life and business.

The past 12 months were an incredible journey for myself and my Company. If you know me, you know that I don’t subscribe to society’s belief that “work” and “life” are separate. It is all the same. It is all 1 thing….LIFE. I don’t leave my work in one frame of mind and then spend my weekends with my family in another. It is ALL the same. If I am happy in one, I am happy in the other. If I work hard in one, I work hard in the other.

I live by and believe how you do anything; is how you do everything.

The past year I experienced the most mental growth of my life. Doors were opened and I earned an understanding about endurance and mindset that will last forever, and I applied it to business. It will also be remembered as the year the “bar got raised”. The bar of business, life, happiness, and growth. Meaning, I (we) can all do more, be happier, impact others more. As I look in to 2020, I will again look at raising the bar because what else is there? The
higher the bar, the more you can achieve and the more you achieve the more you have to GIVE. The more you believe you can do; more you WILL do. The more people you can help and impact. I believe and practice that ever year, in the ongoing effort to get better and grow we must achieve 1 BIG thing. One big goal that seems far away when we commit to it, but we pursue it with unwavering commitment. Something HUGE. And each time we achieve it, it
will “raise the bar”. There is no cheating that. It could be a acquiring a new (or first) piece of real estate, or having a child, or buying a new house, or donating time to a charity. It should almost feel crazy when you first decide to do it, that’s where the reward is!

In 2019 I made several of these; I completed an immensely challenging development deal, climb the vertical equivalent of Mt. Everest (29,029 Ft.), acquired a new multi-family development site, and opened a new office in Charlotte, NC. Now that that is “done”, the bar is raised. It is a “ONE-WAY” street onward and upward. I try not to look back at what I did not achieve (that will be a longgg list) and lock in and reflect on what WAS achieved. This helps establish the “bar” or level you’re achieving. When this happens your mindset changes.

Mindset is not improved from just reading a good book or posting encouraging things on social media, it can only happen from practice and application of it. From achieving more or giving it all you have in pursuit of the achievement. Limits are self-imposed provocations that are governed by our own mindset. When we peel these back OR achieve more, our mindset changes. It becomes second nature to aim high and achieve high. That is what we all should do as PEOPLE in the new year.

As we head into a New Year, here are my suggestions for doing more:

  1. Lead with Gratitude—Enjoy and be thankful for everything you have, you do, and you love. This is the cornerstone for success and happiness
  2. MINDSET is EVERYTHING—Realize this and do not allow your mind to drift in to negative thoughts or thoughts of self-doubt. The Power of this has no END
  3. Aim HIGH and DO! Take the shot at something that seems impossible. If /when you tell people about it , they say “you’re nuts”, it means you are on the right track.

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