Transaction Manager


Julie is “the mom” of the office.

Her 40 plus years of experience makes her well rounded in all aspects of what defines her.

From minor office administration to managing multiply business accounts and financials.  Her knowledge doesn’t stop there.  She can handle all steps from forming the new entities, filing annual reports, and the accounting of each entity.  Another part of her job is managing all Real Estate Licenses for all salespersons and brokers.  These licenses also include multiple states. Julie is a team player.  She will help out doing whatever needs to be done.

When Julie is not in the office her life is her FAMILY.  Her husband is a big part of her ability to do all that she does.  Julie’s greatest joy is that she is a proud grandma of 10 grandchildren whom she loves to watch no matter how many at the same time.  She enjoys cooking and feeding everyone.  “Watching them eat makes me so happy.”

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